In 2016 we have launched our newest program, Naruc Child Advocacy Centre, with the aim to specialize in work with child sexual abuse victims and/or the victims of severe forms of physical abuse. The Centre was founded thanks to the generous support of the VELUX FOUNDATIONS, within the project supported for 4 years. Nevertheless, we are confident that this program will continue in forthcoming years, too. There are many reasons why this program has a chance to be successful. There is an increasing social demand for up-to-date methods of work with child sexual abuse victims. More and more professionals are convinced that it is necessary to work in coordinated, multidisciplinary manner, in child friendly environment and with respect to the best interest of children.

The concept of creation of a child friendly, welcoming place where children victims of violence receive under one umbrella all necessary services and the professionals work together and follow a child, instead of dragging him or her from one institution to another, is rather revolutionary in Slovakia. Legislative changes supporting systemic multidisciplinary approach come rather slowly and relevant professionals look at them with hesitation. Nevertheless, in context of the polices and recommendations of the EU and the Council of Europe, under the pressure of the examples of good practice, the first positive changes appeare in both legislation and practice.

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