There are many ways how it’s possible to support our work for at risk children and families.

You can:

  • make donation

  • to contribute to our account SK5409000000005052115603
  • to assign 2% (1%) from your taxes
  • to donate material gifts or services
  • to devote your free time to activities with or for children


With your contribution, we can:

    • provide qualified professional care to children in the Naruc Child Crisis Centre and the Naruc Child Advocacy Centre
    • provide specialized counselling to the victims of domestic violence in our counselling centres
    • provide training to the professionals working with children and adults at risk o violence
    • implement preventive activities for children in schools and teach them how to face violence and how to protect themselves




    Company name: Náruč – Pomoc deťom v kríze / Naruc – Help for Children in Crisis
    Adress: Zádubnie 56, 010 03 Žilina, Slovak Republic

    Legal reprezentatives

  • Mgr. Ivan Leitman, Executive Director, +421 905 988 800, oz.naruc@naruc.skMgr. Róbert Braciník, Director of the Naruc Child Crisis Center, +421 905 988 600, bracinik@naruc.sk BANK ACCOUNT (*údaje overiť)Slovenská sporiteľňa

    Account number: 5052115603

    Bank Code: 0900

    IBAN: SK5409000000005052115603




  • ID number: 31746209IČO / CIN (Company Identification Number): 36138665
    DIČ / TIN (Tax Identification Number): 2021380427
    DIČ DPH / VAT number: SK2021380427 (registered according to §7 of the law of the VAT Act)