The impact of violence against children can be profound. Research shows that child abuse is associated with adverse health and mental health outcomes in children and those negative effects can last a lifetime

We believe that prevention is the best way how to reduce child abuse and neglect and improve the lives of children and their families

In our work we use following approaches to prevention

School-Based Programs for Children and Adolescents

Our school-based programs are designed to provide child abuse prevention and safety information to school children. They include age-level-appropriate techniques like classroom discussion, videos and other interactive activities  

Our goal is to educate children about what child abuse is (for example distinguishing among “good,” “bad,” and “confusing” touches), make them aware of potential abusers and teach them what to do when they are abused or feel that they are vulnerable to abuse

In our preventive programs, we use different methodological approaches, both from international and our own sources, e.g.

  • Kiko and the Hand (Council of Europe)
  • How to Protect Children (Michele Elliott)
  • Jacob in danger (Naruc)