Naruc – Help for Children of Crisis has been founded on the belief that every child deserves to live without violence and to receive quality and timely support in risk situations. That is why we have built up our child crisis centre, counselling centres and, two years ago, child advocacy centre. But like many other professionals working in the field, we have very soon learned that our help to at-risk children and their families can be effective only if the child protection system as a whole works effectively. When the system fails, the results of our work can be weakened or even destroyed. We have been confronted with such situations more often than acceptable. That led us to child advocacy. At first we advocated for children only on special occasions but very soon child advocacy has become one of our key programs, run on regular, systematic basis.

As child advocates we seek to ensure that children at risk of violence have a voice, that their rights are observed and needs met. We try to achieve this through a wide range of activities.
We realize that our voice as an NGO is not strong enough. This is one of the reasons why we join partnerships and coalitions. We are the members of various official and non-official platforms defending the rights of children, for example The Coalition of Children, Slovakia. We cooperate also with local, regional and national bodies. In this way we have a chance to participate in systemic or legislative processes aimed to improve the framework, methods and procedures of work with at-risk children and their families.

We make every effort to bring together social workers, police investigators, paediatricians, teachers, psychologists and others working with or for children. At every forum of professionals we speak about the importance of cooperation, sharing experience and supporting each others. We try to contribute to their professional knowledge and spread the idea that their work will be more successful if they understand children´s needs and rights. For this reason we organize trainings, working meetings, round tables and confererences.