Naruc is here to ensure that children live in a safe and violence-free environment

Since 1997 we provide help and support to abused children, women and families at risk of domestic violence

In our Naruc Child Crisis Centre and advisory centres for the victims of domestic violence we provide comprehensive services to at-risk children and their families

As child advocates we are here to protect the rights and interests of abused and neglected children, in line with the Convention of the Rights of Child

We teach children how to protect themselves from violence

We train professionals working with and for children

Our Philosophy

Safety, love, care

We provide help to children who had experienced a lot of suffering. We do our best to help them find a safe shelter, loving approach and quality care

Professional Approach

We are aware that the scope and severity of the problems faced by at-risk children and families demand a highly professional approach; therefore we put emphasis on the expertise, dedication and personal engagement of our staff members

Partnership and Cooperation

Violence against children is multidimensional and as such demands an integrated, holistic approach. We emphasize the necessity of coordinated efforts of different professionals responsible for child protection

Advisory board

Mira Bendzalova, president

Jana Bracinikova

Luboslava Kvasnicova

Maria Leitmanova

Melania Spaniova

Statutory representatives

Ivan Leitman, Executive Director of Naruc

0905 988 800, oz.naruc@naruc.sk

Robert Bracinik, Director of Naruc Child Crisis Centre

0905 988 600, bracinik@naruc.sk

Naruc Staff

We have 39 permanent staff members working in Naruc (social workers, psychologists, care-takers, special pedagogues, lawyers, support staff…); their number occasionally increases as necessary within particular projects.  An integral part of Naruc staff is our team of volunteers who dedicate hundreds of hours to our children and their families in specific preventive or support programs