Naruc – Help for Children in Crisis is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 as a civic association with the aim to provide help to abused and neglected children. Its founding was initiated by a group of professionals who perceived insufficiency of child protection system in Slovakia and wanted to contribute to the improvement of child protection services.

Today, after more than 23 years of our existence, we provide quality comprehensive services to children who have experienced child abuse and neglect, to abused women and to families suffering from domestic violence.

In 2000 we established the Naruc Child Crisis Centre. Over the 20 years we have provided a temporary residential care to almost 700 children and up to 70 parents accompanying their children. Child abuse victims receive here a whole range of services, among them psychological and special-pedagogical care.  We help them to handle their difficult life situations and alleviate negative consequences of traumatic experiences they have gone through.

For abused women and families at risk of violence we provide counseling and support services in our 2 counseling centres in the towns of Cadca and Zilina. All services are provided by specially trained counselors – psychologists, social workers and lawyers (free of charge). In 12 years we have provided help to more than 3 200 victims of domestic violence.

In 2016 we have launched our newest program, Naruc Child Advocacy Centre, with the aim to specialize in work with child sexual abuse victims and/or the victims of serious forms of physical abuse.

To finish this brief introduction, it is necessary to ad that we also provide trainings for professionals working with and for children, programs for children at schools aimed at prevention of child abuse and family violence, as well as a wide range of support programs for at-risk children and families. Over the last years, we have significantly enhanced our child advocacy activities, focusing on the improvement of the quality of work with child abuse victims.