Naruc Child Crisis Centre is a residential facility. Since February 2000 we provide help to children victimized by abuse and neglect. The capacity of the Centre is 22 children, their age ranging mostly from 3 -12.

All of our children are affected by adverse family environment. Some of them experienced emotional or physical abuse, some were sexually abused, most of them severely neglected. Moreover, the vast majority suffers from various physical and emotional health problems. Some children are malnourished when they come to our centre. With increasing age, they show also behavioural disorders caused by negative family patterns.

Naruc Child Crisis Centre is a place where children receive comprehensive care. Our goal is to ensure that they have a nurturing, child-focused environment with access to the best services and professional expertise possible. Within the Centre, also at-risk families find necessary support.

In our Centre children and their non-offending parents receive

  • a wide range of services, including crisis intervention, social, pedagogical and psychological diagnostics and  therapy, as well as comprehensive care provided by highly trained staff
  • support programs  aimed at strengthening of children´s self-esteem, social and emotional skills
  • family strengthening programs

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