• Náruč Children's Crisis Center to date (* November 2019) has become a haven for over 650 children that have found safety with us kind approach and quality professional care
  • Counseling services Over 2,800 victims of domestic violence have taken advantage of the services
  • Thousands of primary and secondary school pupils have been armed with information how to protect yourself
  • We trained hundreds of professionals working with vulnerable children and families as part of seminars and training
  • We have helped hundreds of children through field social work so that they can continue to grow up in families
  • We are committed to improving the system of protection of children against violence. Together with partner NGOs we initiated systemic changes (carrying out national research into the prevalence of violence against children development of a National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Violence building of the National Coordination Center for Violence on Children…). We participate in the creation of legislation respecting the best interests of the child