Model Child Advocacy Centre in Slovakia

Having worked with abused and neglected children for nearly 20 years, we want to fill the gap in the system of providing help to child victims of sexual and/or physical abuse, building a pilot Child Advocacy Centre (CAC). Our ambition is to contribute to the development of multidisciplinary  approach enabling  a team of highly-skilled and specially  trained professionals to co-operate in child abuse cases and take actions that will support the long-term well-being of abused children. Our goal is to build a safe, welcoming place where children and their non-abusive family members will receive special treatment and services designed to promote healing and reduce the trauma of abuse.

CAC activities will be supported by our advocacy efforts aimed to the implementation of such legislative and/or systemic changes that will contribute to the strengthening of interdisciplinary cooperation in cases of child sexual abuse.

Our project is supported by the VELUX Foundations



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