On November 9th, 2017, Naruc organized a national conference „Working with Child Abuse Victims: Together We Can Do More“. The conference brought together more than 120 professionals from the fields of  child welfare, law enforcement, health care + other related professionals to increase understanding of the important role of multidisciplinary approach in cases of child abuse and neglect. Carefully selected conference speakers, among them Mrs. Patakyova, Public Defender of Rights, Mrs Mrazkova from the The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, Mrs. Karkoskova, respected author of publications dealing with child sexual abuse and many others delivered their erudite and inspiring presentations.  We were especially pleased to hear also presentations of paediatricians and police investigators.

The speakers representing our organization covered mostly the principal topic of the conference – the importance of multidisciplinary cooperation and cross-sectoral partnerships in child abuse cases. We introduced the concept of Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) as a way how to work with child abuse victims, how to reduce their trauma, improve forensic interviews and protect the best interest of children.

Thanks to our colleagues from Linkoping (Sweden), we could present their video-presentation showing how CACs operate abroad and what their benefits are for child abuse victim.  We also introduced our Naruc Child Advocacy Centre which was established thanks to the support of THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS.

Based on positive feedback from the conference participants, we believe that the conference fulfilled its purpose – to contribute to the increased public awareness of violence against children and convince further professionals to cooperate.

 Conference opening Mrs. Pataky, the Ombudsman Our participants 

The conference was held in cooperation with Zilina Self-Governing Region and thanks to the support of THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS

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