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EEA: „NGO Involvement in the Process of Policy Making on the Topic of Social and Legal Protection of Children”

Applicant: Centrum Slniečko, n.o.

Project partners:

- Náruč – help for children in crisis situations – Association of Crisis Centers

Duration of project activities: 05/2014-10/2015

Main goal: Project pursues an increase of involvment of NGOs in policy making processes, namely on following national strategical documents: revision of national action plan for children, novelization of legal act on legal and social protection of children, legal act on commissionaire for child rights as well as action plan for implementaion of national strategy on protection of children against violence (incl. methodologies). Through higher involvement of NGOs, we expect higher quality of improving suggestions for policy making processes. These should directly reflect the needs of children we are aware of based on our daily work with child victims of violence, but also on our experience cooperating too often with not sufficiently efficient work of state social protection officers. Thanx to integration of improving suggestions for the system of social protection for children, we expect direct positive impacts on these children and their families.

Project aims at filling the gap in capacities of NGOs and provide their employees with adequate possibilities to get involved in a professional way in the drafting process of policies. This should also secure high quality of work, so that NGOs become relevant partners for government, also based on the presumption that they are able to respond quickly, meeting deadlines (often very short term and also ad hoc) and contribute in appropriate form and quality of insights to improvement of cooperation with government parties.

The project is realized thanx to support of Island, Lichtenstein and Norway through program “active citizenship and inclusion”, which is being delivered by Ekopolis foundation together with Foundation for Children in Slovakia and SOCIA – foundation supporting social changes.