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EEA: Getting Closer to Children

Summary of the project

Project “Family strenghtening programmes…” is a pilot project of Child Crisis Centre Embrace aimed at development of terrain and ambulant social services for children endangered by CAN syndrome (Child Abuse and Neglect) and families at risk. The goal of the projet is to enhance protection of children endangered by violence in families, to achieve their early identification and to work with families at risk to prevent family break-up and child institutional care.

Our experience shows, that system in Slovakia does not protect children endangered by CAN sy. enough, partially due to low investigation of CPS. Children receive help as teenagers or adolescents when the problem has been perpetuating. As a result, clients show serious emotional and conduct problems as well as sociopathological phenomena. Moreover, family relationships have been seriously disturbed and the effectiveness of help provided as well as perspective of work with family and return of the child to the original family decreases. The project aims to cover the lacking social services supporting families at risk. We would like to establish a specialized team consisting of 2 social workers and 2 psychologists. They will help the child and the family in 3 levels that are identical with the main activities of the project: 1) investigation and identification of endangered children; 2) professional counselling (including diagnostics, psychological and social care); 3) terrain social work utilizing principles of case management.

We expect the project will enhance quality of life in target groups, will contribute to prevention of violence on children and eliminate the negative effects of violence on victims. Moreover, we anticipate resolution of crisis situation in families and maintenance of family functioning.