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Trainings for First-Line Workers

Professionals likely to come into contact with child victims of abuse and neglect (teachers, social workers, psychologists, paediatricians / health care personnel, police officers…) should be adequately trained to identify and deal with such victims. Very often, they are aware of the seriousness of the problem but don’t have necessary information and skills enabling them to provide at-risk children with adequate support

In our trainings for first-line workers we therefore concentrate on

  • child abuse recognition
  • talking with and listening to children
  • teaching children self-protecting strategies
  • information on where to turn for help
  • work in interdisciplinary teams
  • strategies for helping children
  • networking
  • legal provisions available for children under The Act No 305 of Social and Legal Protection of Children, The Family Act and other relevant  legislative norms

For training purposes, we publish and translate publications designated for professionals working with children