Asignácia 2% resp. 1% z daní

About us

We have 22 permanent staff members working in Naruc (social workers, psychologists, care-takers, special pedagogues, lawyers, support staff…); their number occasionally increases as necessary within particular projects.  An integral part of Naruc staff is our team of volunteers who dedicate hundreds of hours to our children and their families in specific preventive or support programs


Advisory board

Mira Bendzalova, president

Jana Bracinikova

Luboslava Kvasnicova

Maria Leitmanova

Melania Spaniova

Statutory representatives

Ivan Leitman, Executive Director of Naruc

0905 988 800,

Robert Bracinik, Director of Naruc Child Crisis Centre

0905 988 600,

Naruc funding

The budget of our organization is about 400 000 Euros per year

Our revenues by sources

Public sources:                                                                                                                               60,00 %

Grants/Projects:                                                                                                                             20,00 %

Assignation of 2% of taxes                                                                                                            7,00 %

Donations of individual persons                                                                                                 3,00 %

Donations of legal persons                                                                                                           8,00 %

Other revenues:                                                                                                                                2,00 %

Our expenses by the main purposes of their use

Labour costs related to the provision of services and carrying out other activities   70,00%

Utilities, services, repairs and maintenance                                                                             18,00%

Other expenses

(Material expenditures, fuel, travel expenditures, office supplies…)                               12,00%


Account Number:

Bank Account Number: 5052115603/0900

IBAN:                                    SK0809000000005052115603